The Importance of List Building for Local Businesses


Why build an email list? An email list allows businesses to have regular conversations with their customers. Any business who is spending money on online advertising should have an email capture form on their page. Most businesses offer to provide discounts or updates via email as an incentive for visitors to share their email addresses. This works. And works well.

A business owner who sits down once a month to put together some helpful information as well as mention any sales/deals/coupons for their customer base will be rewarded. Some large chains are very aggressive with their email marketing and send as much as 3-5 emails a day. This is not necessary. It is possible (and recommended) to write emails on a regular schedule (a monthly schedule works for most business owners) and still be effective. The aim of the emails is not to push your business but rather to help your customers see the value in your product or service by being informative. No one knows better than the business owner what their customers want. An email is an opportunity to connect with your customer base and show the value of your product or service.

Here are some helpful tips when writing emails:

  1. Write short and to the point. An email can be informative within 300-500 words. If you need to say more, link to your website which will have more details.
  2. Try to incorporate different mediums. If you usually write text emails, maybe try shooting a video and say what you would write. Or conduct an interview with an expert in your field. By changing the medium, you will keep your customers interested and wanting more.
  3. Don’t make the majority of the email content a sales pitch. People want to be informed so that they can choose whether to purchase from you or not. Someone who is pushed towards a sale will likely become disinterested and unsubscribe to your list.
  4. Encourage social conversations. Email is a great way to start the conversation which can be moved to social media sites. Social media has become an essential marketing component for businesses who care about their reputation and want to showcase their superior customer support.
  5. Ask your customers what they want. People are willing to tell you a lot if you ask them. Conduct polls and contests to better understand your customer’s needs.

These are some points to keep in mind but the important takeaway is that you don’t need an elaborate email marketing strategy to get started. Start collecting emails and start the conversation with your customers today! You may be surprised at what you learn.

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