What Do Small Business Owners Need to Know About Online Marketing?


What is the biggest frustration of small businesses who want to advertise online?

Is it their website? Their SEO? Maybe they need a professional to take a look at it. But who is trustworthy? With so many companies offering SEO, PPC, website design, social media marketing, etc. what do businesses really need?

The truth is that there are only a few pieces of the online marketing puzzle that all small business owners need to know. Namely, the messaging on the website and a basic advertising strategy. When business owners bog themselves down with every SEO algorithm update or the latest retargeting strategy, it all seems so complicated that they take little or no action at all. The truth is that most of the updates and latest marketing channels are only useful to marketers who know when and how to use them.

For example, if a small business owner has $1000/month budget, is that money better spent on PPC advertising, SEO or buying banner ads? The answer lies in what the goal of the business is. If the goal is to generate quality leads as quickly as possible to recover the spend, the answer is PPC. If the goal is to build an organic presence and perhaps over the course of 3-5 months, start generating leads organically, the answer is SEO. Lastly, if the goal is a branding, banner ads are usually preferred. This is a very simplistic look at the options that are available today but it gives some idea of what a small business owner needs to know about where their ad dollar is being spent.

Through this blog over the next few months, I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your ad dollar.  If you have any particular areas of interest or difficulty with regards to advertising online, please send me a message through my contact page and I will create a post to address it.

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